Hooklift Bodies

The whole idea of the hooklift body is that you can have one heavy-duty chassis and as many truck bodies as you might be able to use.

Today you need a flatbed for certain jobs, tomorrow you need a dump body, or a landscaper body, or something more custom.

The hooklift hooks on to the body, hoists it up onto the frame and locks it in place. Then to change bodies, the hooklift mechanism puts the body back on the ground and releases it ready to go fetch a different body.

One truck. Many bodies. Insurance for one truck. Repairs and maintenance for one truck. Helps control expenses and at the same time give you the flexibility of having a fleet of trucks.

High strength to weight ratio design; containers from 14'- 22' all with full 48° and 50°dump angle respectively; standard manually adjusted dual series 61-3/4" & 54" jib; dual point articulation; dual lift cylinders for added strength and stability; sliding jib to accommodate short containers and adjustment of weight distribution; electric 2 speed in cab controls; safety interlocks prevent accidental disengagement of dump locks and dumping a container if the dump locks are not fully engaged.