Propane Service Bodies

The Propane Service Truck Body is typically a flatbed with a crane attached and some storage boxes. These truck bodies are designed to lift, carry, and deliver large propane tanks that are used at home and commercial sites. These truck bodies will vary according to the tank size needed, weight capacity, and crane size needed. Some might only be a 12' flatbed, and others as shown in images here can be somewhat longer.

We build our own heavy duty flatbed products, so that is the base of this truck body, and it is designed to handle the twisting forces and loads needed for this type of body. Then, we will add tool and storage boxes as needed for our customers requirements. The crane is chosen based on lifting capacity needed and other options such as outriggers, liftgate, and more are available.

If you need to move larger propane tanks, give us a call at 941-729-8196 and let us help you get the best rig for your needs.