Service / Utility Bodies

The Service or Utility Body is one of the most popular work truck bodies on the planet. The reason is simple: storage. It has a number of sturdy, lockable compartments that people can put tools, parts and other things in to keep them out of sight, safe, and out of the weather. Many Service Bodies also have optional open top lids on each side which have dividers making it a great place to put small parts, nuts, bolts, etc., or remove the dividers to store extra-long tools or equipment. Closed top lids offer the flexibility of mounting compressors, generators, and other equipment on the top of the compartment to make the best use of those tools in addition to allowing a bit more space in the compartment.

Many different types of businesses and organizations use Service Bodies, such as, gas utility companies, agriculture, construction, concrete, plumbing/HVAC, electricians, delivery services, fire suppression, road construction, emergency and government agencies, landscaping, tree services, building maintenance, telephone and cable companies. In fact, the reason Service Bodies are so popular is that there are very few businesses that cannot make good use of a Service Body!

The most popular Service Body is an 8′ unit that typically goes on a 3/4-ton or single-rear-wheel 1-ton chassis. The other common lengths are 9′ and 11′. Longer units can be built if needed. The standard height of the Service Body is designed to allow an unobstructed view through the rear window. Other models and options such as gas bottle storage or cross boxes will solve a great deal of storage needs. The choice of some of these options could sacrifice visibility through the rear window. Most installations will or should include a back-up camera which allows visibility while backing up.

In addition to the usefulness of the Service Body, there is a myriad of options that will make the Service Body even more useful. In addition to the flip top, some of these include, cargo bed enclosure, transverse compartments, different height compartments, cranes, liftgates, master lock systems and many more.

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Some Accessory Ideas To Enhance The Effectiveness Of The Service/Utility Body

  • Master Locking System. This includes an internal locking bar that allows each compartment to be unlocked and yet cannot be opened. Some look at this as a double locking system, but the real value is in the convenience of only needing to lock one lock to allow access or to lock all the compartments on either side.
  • Vice Bracket. Usually mounted on the rear of one or both compartments and allows a vice to be mounted for use and then slides out to lock in a compartment at the end of the day.
  • Pipe Holder. Usually mounts on the front of one side of body and allows long pipe to be held in place between the pipe holder and the vise to make adjustments to the pipe more easily.
  • Electric Locks. This allows a key fob to electronically lock and unlock compartment doors all at once.
  • Back-up alarm. Creates beeping sound when vehicle is put into reverse.
  • Back-up camera. Be able to see what is behind you.
  • Cargo Bed Enclosure. This is a metal sliding roof in two or three sections that covers the cargo area and locks in the rear. A 2-piece usually opens about 50% of the bed space and a 3-piece opens about 66% allowing access and also allowing to carry tall loads occasionally.
  • Raised Cargo Bed Enclosure. This cargo bed enclosure is raised above the top of the service body lids up to the cab-height if desired. It allows taller cargo to be commonly carried and out of sight.
  • Raised Compartment. This is often used to house welder bottles; however, raised compartments can really add to the efficiency of getting your work done by allowing additional tools, parts, and accessories to go with you to the job site. Usually the raised compartment is the first compartment behind the truck cab.
  • Compartment Organizers. Many different compartment organizers are available from bins to parts boxes and more. Usually these are made out of plastic and they can really help keep things where they are meant to be.
  • Compartment Lighting. LED lighting is available for each service body compartment to be able to effectively work at night.
  • Drawers. Compartment drawers are available for each compartment to make it more efficient to carry tools, and other things that drawers will help manage.
  • Material Rack. Truck racks can be among the most helpful accessories. They come in forklift-loadable or non-forklift-loadable designs and can be modified to suit any business need.
  • Transverse Compartment. This is a typically a modification of the front compartment to allow that compartment to extend across the body to the back of the opposite side to allow long item storage with or without drawers, or to go all the way through and have access from both sides of the body.
  • Work Platform. This is commonly about an 18' work platform at the back of the body to give a little more work space that lines up with the floor of the service body.
  • Bedslide. This is a platform that rolls out to allow cargo to be brought out without crawling up into the bed area. A truly useful accessory! They come in different capacities as needed.
  • Liftgate. Liftgates are back-savers and usually mounted at the rear. They are available in a few different designs and capacities. Let us know your needs and we can recommend the perfect liftgate.
  • Crane. This can be a full crane or a small lightweight crane. There are two important questions we will ask: One, how much weight do you need to lift, and two, how far away from the body? This will determine the right crane for the job and where it would be mounted.
  • E-Track. E-Track mounts on the inside backwrapper of the service body on both sides and allows hardware and straps to hold cargo safely from movement.
  • Exterior Lighting. Working at night requires exterior lights and today there are a wide variety of effective LED lighting options for every need.
  • Power Inverter. Need electric power to operate tools and more. This is a great option to be able to have that power wherever you are working.
  • Compressors, Generators. Need air power? And more? These tools help get those jobs done. Let us help you find the best tools for your needs.